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Rainbow Accreditation

In December 2020 Festival of Voices received the Rainbow Tasmania Tourism Accreditation. We are committed to offering an inclusive environment for both festival patrons and employees.

Being a diverse and inclusive organisation goes to the very heart of our work, and supports our aim to bring the community together through music.

With diversity comes a wider range of perspectives and depth of understanding for all those in our communities. Festival of Voices supports the right of equality, fairness and decency for all.

The Rainbow Accreditation aligns with and strengthens Festival of Voices’ values, in particular;

  • At Festival of Voices we treat every artist, patron, volunteer and employee with respect and dignity
  • At Festival of Voices we aim for artists, patrons, volunteers, employees and stakeholders to feel 100% comfortable when dealing with us
  • At Festival of Voices we’re committed to making sure that our events and our workplaces are inclusive and enjoyable for all.

For more information and further resources, please also see:

Rainbow Communities Tasmania: an incorporated body of organisations dedicated to achieving and maintaining inclusion and equity for LGBTIQ+ (Rainbow) people in Tasmania.
Visit Gay Australia: a national network of tourism professionals dedicated to the welfare and satisfaction of all gay and lesbian travellers within and to Australia.
Australian Pride Network: promoting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Pride on a national level.
Anti-Discrimination Act: an Act to prohibit discrimination and other specified conduct