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Keep the Flame of Music and Singing Alive

We raise our voices up to the mountain 
And set them free across the sea 
And now our voices can be heard 
And our fire can be seen from far and wide 
And we’ll keep this flame alive
Keep this Flame Alive, Paul Jarman 

Festival of Voices champions the power of collective singing for the health and wellbeing of all.  

Our annual winter festival inspires communities to come together through the transformative power of singing.  We are committed to presenting an inclusive and welcoming program and providing access to and experiences of the powerful emotional and physical health benefits that singing supports.  We bring people together from all walks of life to harness the power of song.

We rely on the support of our festival audiences, funders, sponsors and donors, which enables us to present our program every year.   

Our current focus is to help kids share their voices. With your help, we can expand the Young Tasmania Sings program into Regional Tasmania by providing support to regional schools and community youth choirs that struggle to participate because of finances and location. We can send artists and educators out into regional areas to lead workshops in schools and work directly with regional communities to provide these hard-to-access opportunities.

For more information, please contact Nadine Rowell, General Manager on [email protected]

Festival of Voices has a DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) endorsement | Every donation over $2 is tax-deductible 

Corporate Sponsors

We work with businesses and organisations who share similar values and are a leading voice in the areas of music, the arts, wellbeing, education, community connection and cultural tourism. 

Our approach to partnerships takes into account the collaborative importance of each relationship and we seek partners who are interested in long term investment, whether that is financial or in-kind.

If this interests you, please contact Al McCormack, Partnerships Manager at [email protected]

You can view our partners here

Supporting Festival of Voices means you can contribute to the ongoing benefits of choral and community singing.

Watch previous festivals to see the joy and connection we create every winter.