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Our Sustainable Festival Policy

In keeping with Tasmania’s clean, green brand, the Festival of Voices takes our responsibility to the environment seriously to ensure it demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and acts as a model to other arts and cultural organisations in this regard. Festival of Voices aims to reduce its environmental footprint in all aspects of our operations and has been achieving this to a significant degree since 2012 in the following ways:

  • We use renewable resources in a sustainable manner and conserve non-renewable natural resources by efficient use, recycling and planning.
  • We use local suppliers where we can and those who can provide renewable resources whenever possible.
  • We maintain clean and tidy sites during all events, recycling where possible.
  • We endeavour to contain as many Festival venues within walking distance of each other or where there is access to public transport.
  • We prioritise the purchase of supplies that impact the least on the environment.
  • We reuse our signage each year, with alterations made to existing signage where possible, rather than generating more waste/emissions by producing new ones.
  • Our marketing strategy includes a focus on the reduction of printed advertising material. As part of the plan, alternate online communication tools such as the Festival website, edm’s and social networking are given higher priority.
  • Reduce land-fill.  The use and distribution of plastic, micro-bead, and glitter products will not be undertaken as part of the event.  This includes and is not limited to, balloons, flags, promotional paraphernalia, and plastic single-use bags, straws and water bottles
  • Printed tickets – don’t print; save your ticket on your phone and help us reduce paper use.
  • We try to reduce waste in food services at events.  If food is sold or given away in disposable containers, only certified compostable containers and utensils are provided to patrons.
  • We encourage you to catch a bus or share a ride.