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A celebration of the transformative power of singing

And now our voices can be heard, and our fire can be seen from far and wide

Festival of Voices is Australia’s leading celebration of singing and the first winter festival in Tasmania, attracting audiences of 30,000 people in early July to be enriched by voices raised together in song. 

In 2005 we gathered around a fire to sing together as people have done for millennia, with the intention of bringing joy and warmth to our communities and providing experience of the emotional and physical health benefits of singing. We continue to gather each year at The Big Sing Bonfire, and we continue to showcase a varied and rich program of choral, contemporary and cabaret to enliven the darkest of winters. 

Choirs travel to Festival of Voices from across the country and the world to participate and perform. Every year the Festival attracts people who want to learn new repertoire, improve their singing or just revel in the joy of group singing. We strive to be a warm and welcoming meeting place for singers to spend concentrated time doing what they love and creating unforgettable memories together.  

Supporting Festival of Voices means you can contribute to the ongoing benefits of Choral and Community Singing.

Watch previous festivals to see the joy and connection we create every winter.