Our mission is to improve lives through singing

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Our purpose is to create a means for people to come together and celebrate the power of song.

Festival of Voices will be 18 years old in 2023…the first Tasmanian winter Festival, designed specifically to embrace the unique experience of winter and bring light and enjoyment to the people of Hobart in what was traditionally a cold and quiet season. 

Gathering around a fire to share in song is a cultural practice spanning millennia. Festival founder Neil Cameron felt there was potential to reinvigorate this practice in a contemporary setting and produce an event that both encouraged participation and showcased excellence in singing.    

With roots in European choral traditions and inspiration from pagan practices, the festival has grown to showcase a diverse spectrum of vocal styles and include participants from all walks of life. Each year we put together a varied and rich program showcasing choral, contemporary and cabaret, while providing a range of educational opportunities and participatory experiences to enliven the darkest of winters. Events are produced across the state and cater for all interests, ability levels and ages.  

Festival of Voices has built a reputation as a winter school for choirs, with many traveling from across the country and the world to participate and perform. Every year the Festival attracts people who want to learn new repertoires, improve their singing or just revel in the joy of group singing. It is known internationally as a warm and welcoming meeting place for singers to spend concentrated time doing what they love and create unforgettable memories together.   

A beloved local festival, the reach and reputation of Festival of Voices has grown far and wide, with many guests enjoying the quality of Tasmanian hospitality. It is known as Australia’s premiere celebration of the voice, attracting audiences of 30,000 people over two weeks in July to be enveloped in the beauty of Tasmania in winter.  

One of the founding missions of the festival is to improve lives through singing. Each year the producers spend significant time creating opportunities for local school, community, professional and corporate choirs to participate and perform. We are a proud multigenerational festival, catering to all ages, and creating space for senior members of the community a demographic often overlooked in programming choices. We invite families out in winter to participate in group singing events like the iconic Big Sing event at Mac Point and be inspired by pop-up choirs taking over locations across Hobart. Children and Young Adults take part in our programming and Tasmanian Primary Schools play a strong role in one of the festivals most popular events – Young Tasmania Sings. 

We are privileged to work with many of Tasmania’s spectacular and iconic venues. We embrace the elements and encourage visitors to explore both indoor and outdoor venues, to immerse themselves in the urban environment and explore our regional areas.  

We love choirs, conductors, composers, singers and storytellers. Our festival creates a platform for the human voice and for the heart to recognise itself in the vocal traditions that bind us together. Festival of Voices truly is a joyful time to be in Tasmania. 


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