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Pop-Up @ Rektango

Pop-Up @ Rektango

Fri 28 June – 6.45pm
Rektango, Salamanca Arts Centre Courtyard
Free event

The energetic vibe of Rektango meets the quirky chaos of Men in Suits in this opening night Pop-Up Performance. Get ready to enjoy a flashmob style performance during the band’s set break. Then stay on and dance away the night to more free music, get along to the Tasmanian Songbook Volume 4, or head up to the Long Gallery for a drink and more entertainment in the Singers’ Lounge. 

Men In Suits

Men In Suits specialises in uninvited appearances in unexpected places at unscheduled times singing inappropriate songs to unsuspecting audiences.

A band of brothers – many in number, grey of hair and long of tooth.. Donating what precious little free time they have to vibrate the air in (sometimes) pleasant ways to surprise, delight, and often challenge audiences.

Equal parts musical Men‘s Shed, mid-week drinking club, and new world illuminati, these are incredibly important men, and they’re in a hurry do go do something equally important.

A regular meeting, a rejuvenating stretch, a relaxing sigh, and a deep breath. Men In Suits make a commitment to regularly making strange noises together – for both the health and enjoyment of their members, and the amusement and elation of the general public.

Men in Suits sing a range of original and cover songs, exploring the complex world of corporate masculinity. At least once a week they make a commitment to sing together, drink together, laugh together, and improve together.

This is a free event



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