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Your accreditation 

If you haven’t collected your festival accreditation yet, it will be waiting for you at your first venue of engagement. 

Artist accreditation 

Contemporary music artists and choral leaders will be issued with card accreditation only, no lanyard. Please check your venue briefing notes to familiarise yourself with the pictures of artists provided, or google them before they arrive. Please note that members of choirs will all have accreditation as it assists greatly with the operation of their workshops. 

Returning lanyards 

At the close of the festival please return the material lanyard to your venue kit. Reusing these lanyards is an integral part of our festival environmental sustainability plan. We appreciate your support in our endeavour to be environmentally mindful. 

Accreditation access 

Please see the below document for copies of all accreditation, including the benefits and restrictions on the back. 

Organisation Lanyards


FOV is embarking on a 5-year plan to continually make our festival the most accessible it’s ever been. Check out all the happenings on our accessibility landing page here.

To find out about the accessibility of your venue, please refer to your venue-specific briefing notes and/or the event-specific website on the FOV website.

To learn more about the terms we use, please see our 2022 Accessibility Dictionary below.

Accessibility Dictionary