Short Course: Watch Deke Sharon in Action

Sat 14 July, 1:30pm
Hobart Town Hall
Tickets: $15 - audience participant only

Be part of the audience at Deke Sharon’s a cappella Masterclass. This is a unique opportunity to see a master at work. Watch and learn as Deke works directly with Hobart choirs Deep South, Nourish Women’s Choir, Hobart Harmony and Pitches be Crazy from Sydney, refining their vocal skills. Audience members will be treated to an amazing afternoon of singing and gain from seeing how techniques and skills are applied to a live group.

Deke’s Masterclass will cover:
Close Harmony Blend: By looking at the four elements of sound (pitch, duration, loudness and timbre), discover how a group can get the best blend possible.
Improve Tuning: From an understanding of the fundamental elements of sound and how they combine and align into a perfectly tuned chord through a series of exercises, learn how groups can maximise their sound without compromising the energy and impact of their performance.