The Breast Is Yet To Come

Tue 10 July, 7:30pm
Hobart City Hall
Tickets: $30

Amelia Ryan

Amelia has graced the stages of New York, London and Edinburgh with her critically acclaimed shows. She’s sashayed (and stumbled) down red carpets, and regaled audiences with her tales of debauchery. But cabaret’s princess of parody has taken a (surprise) turn towards the domestic: She got knocked up.*

Both delighted and daunted, she ponders the big questions of any new Mother-To-Be; How many cheese toastie cravings can one give into? Will she deliver to the serene sounds of Enya, or her own drugged-out drones? And are her fun-bags now solely functional?

*cue panic.

With Ryan’s signature stamp of heart and hilarity, The Breast Is Yet To Come is an honest, relatable, and revealing foray into impending parenthood and womanhood, and asks if the best (and breast) years are a thing of the past, or if they are indeed yet to come.