Take The Spotlight And Run

Wed 11 July, 7:30pm
Hobart City Hall
Tickets: $30

How many ways can you interpret a song? How many ways can you bend the light to fit the occasion? Change the voice, the character, the key, the arrangement or the atmosphere and all the songs you know can take a turn to somewhere entirely new.

Four of our state’s finest divas: Jude Elliot, Di Richards, Meg Bignell and Alice Fiddyment flutter the dovecotes, disarrange the songs you know and take an unconventional trip through decades of women’s voices in music.

From classical to pop, musical theatre to hip-hop and back again, these four powerhouse vocalists will take you from Streisand to Spears and Fitzgerald to Gaga, from intimate solo songs to powerful four part harmonies, musical theatre mash ups to pop songs reinvented.

Unexpected and surprising, or served up straight, just the way you like them. No song is safe under these spotlights. You know them all…at least you think you do.