Pub Choir

Sat 7 July, 7:00pm
Mon 9 July, 7:00pm
Tue 10 July, 7:00pm
Various locations in Hobart
Tickets: $10 at the door

Everyone can sing, and this will prove it!

The rise of pub choirs is nothing short of a phenomenon. It’s the new thing to be part of. And we’re delighted to present three pub choir nights, under the expert leadership of Australian Pub Choir founder Astrid Jorgensen.

You will join hundreds of strangers, and in 90 minutes you will learn a song in 3 part harmony, perform it twice and if the publishing Gods are smiling: have it immortalised in video forever.

No audition, no solos, no commitments, no sheet music, NO WORRIES. It’s rowdy, wholesome and so much damn fun.