It’s Not Me, It’s Lou

Louisa Wall

Lou is a millennial. A perennial millennial if you will. Born in the nineties, raised in the noughties. She is part of a generation described as “entitled, lazy and too connected to the internet.” But who said that? Obvs not a millennial #amirite?

Inspired by Facebook, mentored by Instagram and guided by Snapchat, this show includes 8 original songs based on 8 real-life Facebook statuses. Strap in for a wild night of living for a like and celebrating the gen that just can’t seem to “adult”.

1 July - 7:30pm
Freycinet Lodge
Freycinet Lodge, Coles Bay TAS, Australia


“A sophisticated slice of character comedy, elegantly written and faultlessly performed” – Steve Bennet, Chortle UK

Patrons’ advice: Contains coarse language, adult themes

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