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Personal giving will help Support Us

The Gift of Personal Giving

Your gift – in any amount – makes it possible for people to hear our voices. In turn, our voices amplify the value of your personal giving many times over, helping to create a world that is more understanding, more compassionate, and filled with more music.

Each contributor helps us reach our aspirations and for that, we are truly grateful.

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Become a valued partner, supporter, or friend of The Festival of Voices

What does personal giving do for Festival of Voices? Last year, we presented 88 free performances and 87 ticketed events over 17 days in the heart of winter, attracting an audience of over 27,159.

As the festival continues to grow, we are committed to ensuring the program remains inclusive of our diverse community and true to our simple purpose: to encourage people of all backgrounds to sing.

Why We Need Your Support

We rely on the personal giving and support of individuals and organisations who believe, as we do, in the transformational power of music, and that singing makes communities happier and healthier together.

What Your Generosity Supports

Your contribution to the Festival of Voices supports our community of singers in several key ways:

  • We encourage participation and with your help can continue to provide a range of free events to ensure all people, regardless of their social or economic advantage, can benefit from the joy of singing together.
  • We inspire and motivate singers to learn by offering accessible and unique participatory experiences and workshops, that enrich lives, long after the festival finishes.
  • We demonstrate vocal excellence by presenting inspiring vocal acts from around the world, right here in Tasmania, that become ambassadors for our State.
  • We provide an environment that attracts and nurtures the wider singing community, a gathering place and meeting point for singers from all corners of the globe.

Community participation is a cornerstone of health and well-being. Singing changes our brain and it is proven to make us happier and healthier. Festival of Voices brings people together, from all walks of life, to sing.

Let’s work together to harnesses the joy of music to unite communities, inspire social change and celebrate our differences through song together.