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2023 Funding Announcement

By December 16, 2022No Comments
For eighteen years, Festival of Voices has celebrated the power of song, warming up Tasmania’s winter with the joy of singing. We are delighted that Events Tasmania has once again elected to fund the festival. Thank you to the Tasmanian Government, Minister for Events The Honourable Nic Street MP for their ongoing support. We would also like to acknowledge Minister for the Arts The Honourable Elise Archer MP for her continued enthusiasm for this festival.
Festival of Voices is the longest running winter festival in Tasmania, and we wouldn’t have been able to thrive for so long, and make it through the past few years, without this support.
It is an immense honour to bring people to Tasmania, and this funding allows us to welcome and support so many choirs, conductors, artists and musicians who take part in the festival. We know that we hold a special place in the heart of locals too, and we hope the next three years will continue to provide the joy and warmth we have shared since 2005.
Three years of funding provides the festival with the stability to make long term plans, including new and ongoing employment opportunities, partnership development and collaboration, all of which require long term planning and engagement. Now we will continue to do what we know best – lighting up Tasmania in joyful song.
See you at the festival 30 June – 9 July 2023

Choir Packages, workshops and the Corporate Choir Challenge Registrations are now open and can be accessed below. The full program will be announced in April 2023.

As one of Tasmania’s most unique events and a highlight of our local winter calendar, the Festival of Voices has been secured until 2025.
The festival is an annual highlight on our arts and cultural calendar and has become one of Australia’s leading singing and choral events. Our Government is proud to continue to support the event, with a $2.25 million investment over the next three festivals.

The Honourable Elise Archer MP, Minister for the Arts