Limited Edition Festival Mugs

4 colourful ceramic mugs

There’s nothing like a soothing cuppa… and knowing how much our festival family loves a good brew, we asked Tasmanian ceramicist Susan Simonini to create a limited edition collection of memorable mugs just for you!

Every time you enjoy your next mug of goodness, you’ll be tempted to break into song!

All mugs are 300ml and have been designed in collaboration with our team, carefully crafted and handmade by Susan and finished in her studio, in the north west of Tasmania. 

The perfect gift for the singer in your life. A wonderful way for us to support Tasmanian artists. We will pack and ship each cup from our Hobart office. $35 + shipping.

Warning: These mugs could lead to mass singing and spontaneous moments of joy!


  1. Purchase online and we will ship anywhere in Australia for a flat rate of $12.20
  2. Come to our Hobart office Tuesday or Thursday 9am -5pm and purchase using contactless payment. Find us at Level 3, 77 Salamanca Place. Contactless payments available.

Warning: These mugs could lead to mass singing and spontaneous moments of joy! 

Limited Edition Mug ‘Soprano’

300ml mug purple/pink

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Limited Edition Mug – ‘Mezzo’

300ml yellow/purple

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Limited Edition Mug – ‘Tenor’

300ml teal/orange

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Limited Edition Mug – ‘Bass’

300ml teal/pink

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Handmade by Tasmanian ceramicist Susan Simonini 

Limited Edition  – 4 different colour palettes, 300ml capacity

All mugs are designed, handmade and finished in Susans studio in the north west of Tasmania.  Due to this labour intensive process, you will find slight imperfections and marks left by the making process. These contribute to the uniqueness and beauty of the forms and are part of the character of each individual and unique piece. 

Mug Care

Hand washing is recommended for handmade ceramics. White earthenware pieces are low fired and therefore still slightly porous, soaking should be avoided. These pieces are also inherently more fragile so extra care should be taken when handling and washing.

About the Artist

Susan Simonini holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from Queensland College of Art, Griffith University and a Graduate Diploma in Education. Her paintings and screenprints are held in several public and private collections, including the Gold Coast City Art Gallery and the Mater Private Hospital Collection, Brisbane. Following a move to north west Tasmania, Susan happened upon ceramics quite by accident and now has bit of a love affair with this versatile, challenging medium.

You can find her on Instagram @susansimonini

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