Corporate Choir Challenge

Mon 8 July, 7:30pm
Hobart Town Hall
Tickets: Choir registrations $2000

Enhance your workplace culture by getting your team on song! 

Our inaugural Corporate Choir Challenge invites the business community to flex their vocal cords and participate in a seriously fun Sing-Off.

There is an increasing trend for office choirs to be a key part of workplace culture. This is an opportunity for businesses, government and non-profit organisations, to develop a workplace choir under the guidance of our experienced vocal coaches.

Why should your workplace get involved?

  • Singing in the workplace is a great way to engage your employees, encourage teamwork, relieve stress and have some fun!
  • Community participation is a cornerstone of health and well-being
  • Singing changes our brain and it is proven to make us happier and healthier
  • You get to perform at the Town Hall in front your competition and our guest judges!

What do we offer?

Teams will be offered the following before they battle it out at the Hobart Town Hall on Monday, 8th July at 7:30pm before three official judges:

  • a one-hour session with a consultant who will advise on choice and acquisition of repertoire
  • a one-hour rehearsal with a professional vocal coach
  • 2 x one-hour session with both vocal coach and accompanist

 Participating choirs will be required to provide the following:

  • Appropriate venue for all rehearsals
  • Organising convenient times with the consultant, vocal coach and accompanist to visit your workplace
  • Internal promotion and support of rehearsals and performances to employees
  • Original copies of music for vocal coach and accompanist


What is the size of the choir?
Suggest a minimum of 5, and there is no maximum number.

Is there a time limit for the performance?
Maximum of 8 minutes.

Can we select our own song(s)?
Yes, but we suggest discussing choice(s) with consultant.

Can we use microphones?
In the spirit of fairness, there will be no amplification- just enjoy the beautiful natural acoustic of the Hobart Town Hall.

Can we use other instruments?
We recommend you use the grand piano provided by the Hobart Town Hall, but feel free to discuss this with your consultant.

Can we sing in unison or parts?
Any combination is welcomed- unison, 2-part, 3-part, mixed voices etc.

Do we perform with music or from memory?
It is desirable to perform from memory as it enhances your presentation.

Is there a prize?
Yes, ‘bragging rights’, a trophy and an invitation to perform at the Singers’ Lounge on Friday 12 July.

Should we appoint someone to direct the choir during the performance?
It is advisable, but not essential.  The appointed leader does not have to be and ‘experienced’ conductor, but having a leader is an advantage as the singers have a point of focus, which leads to greater unity and increased confidence.


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