Colin Lillie

Wed 3 July, 6:30pm
Fri 5 July, 8:30pm
North Hobart Uniting Church
Tickets: $30

An unmissable compelling singer songwriter from the Northern Territory

Colin Lillie is one of a kind – this you discover within moments of hearing the “Gypsy Scotsman” and proud adopted Territorian share his song. Beyond that, what’s truly special about Lillie is his passion for life and music. Capturing the kind of intensity that Colin has on an album or a live performance is something that every musician aspires to. Whether it’s because of past experiences, a knack for songwriting, his powerful voice or a combination of these things. What remains true is that every time Colin Lillie picks up a guitar and sings something special happens – the passion shines through, and the music becomes real.


Duration: 1hr

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