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Touring Choirs – 2022 Package

Touring Choirs – 2022 Package

1 - 10 July 2022  |  Choirs & Choir Leaders  |  Adult  |  $150 pp*

2023 Touring Choir Packages available late 2022

For Community Choirs large and small, we bring you the ultimate winter choral experience! 


Vocal ensembles and choirs from across the country travel to Tasmania every year to perform and connect at our festival. 

Our  Touring Choirs – 2022 Package offers choir members the unique opportunity to sing at some of Tasmania’s most renowned locations. From art galleries to historic sites, this package is the ultimate way to ‘discover Tasmania’ whilst singing for audiences of all sizes! 

Choir members who register will get to enjoy a range of experiences that remain at the heart of the festival: 

Package Perks 


Choirs in the Community Pop-Up Program  

Surprise and delight audiences around Hobart and in unique locations across the city. Choirs are invited to perform to guests and passers-by in a creatively  curated program. 


The Festival Singers’ Lounge 

Singers who register for Touring Choirs – 2022 Package will have the opportunity to perform at the Singers’ Lounge. You also get free entry, subject to availability and current capacity limitations. 

Often described as the heart and soul of Festival of Voices, we think it’s our best kept secret!  Friends – old and new – revel in the glory of scheduled and impromptu performances (sometimes until the wee hours). Audiences are treated to spontaneous song by some of our big-name performers who in turn have been known to encourage anxious altos and timid tenors overcome any performing fears to bask in the safe and welcoming arms of our audience. It’s always bustling and really is the ultimate Singers Love-In!   


Choir leaders – please check information below, as Choirs in the Community and Singers’ Lounge perks requires extra registration** 


Big Sing Bonfire 

Singers will have a significant role in our annual Big Sing Bonfire on Saturday 2nd July. You will join with other singers and a leading Australian choral conductor to prepare. Music and learning tracks will be provided in the lead-up to the event.  


Flash Mob 

Join in the fun of a choral flash mob in a prominent Hobart location, mid-morning on Saturday 9 July. Music and learning tracks will be provided in the lead-up. 



How to register 

All choir members are required to register. Once you have paid your registration fee, you will receive a confirmation email with one final step, to add the details of each person included in the transaction.    


Book Touring Choirs - 2022 Package

*A Booking Fee of $2.00 applies, plus a 2.2% Basket Fee which will be calculated at check-out.

PLEASE NOTE: if you already registered for the Classical Choral Workshop, A Cappella Workshop, Gospel Workshop or Queer Choir Workshop, you don’t need to also purchase a Touring Choir Package.

What Past Participants Said…

“The Singers’ Lounge was fantastic and it was great to catch up in person with Paul Jarman again.”

“We rounded off our week with a fun workshop which was powerful and energising. Our singers loved it!”

“Narryna was a great venue, it was lovely to join the other groups for the afternoon and enjoy the singing and refreshments. ”

Key Dates 

Choir member registrations close 24 June 2022   


Travel and Accommodation 

The festival is in a position to facilitate choirs in recommending the services of its accommodation and transport partners. 

Participating choirs and individuals are responsible for all matters related to the organisation, booking, and payment of all accommodation and meals during their stay in Hobart. A comprehensive list of specially negotiated accommodation and travel options in varied price ranges (including Hotels, Guest Houses and Hostels) will be provided to all choirs and individuals. 

The festival is not responsible for any booking issues that may arise.  


**Choirs in the Community and Singers Lounge Perk Registrations 

Choirs wishing to perform in the Pop-up Program and/or Singers’ Lounge will need to submit  a performance request form. Our team will then be in touch to schedule suitable performance times. 

Tap the button below to register. Submissions due no later than 29 April 2022.  


Aaron Powell, who co-ordinates our touring choirs, will be available to assist you with your enquiry. Contact


Register for Choirs in the Community / Singers' Lounge (Choral Leaders only)

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NOTE: Events and experiences are subject to change based on current health regulations. 

Choir featured: Frankston Ladies Choir, Mornington Peninsula VIC