So You Want To Be A Jazz Singer?

So You Want To Be A Jazz Singer? Workshop

10 July | Long Gallery  |  10am - 1pm  |  Some singing experience recommended  |  $55 / $70

Most of us know a classic jazz number or two, but what exactly are the defining characteristics that give us that distinct, ‘jazz-like’ sound?

What does that look like when our voices come into play?

In this class we will explore the key components of jazz singing, before giving some common repertoire a ‘jazz-over’ as we apply our newfound knowledge! Your singing and confidence will come to life as you discover your inner jazz diva in this fun and informative workshop led by internationally-acclaimed songwriter and singer Trish Delaney-Brown.

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"Trish Delaney-Brown is a master poet… first your heart, then your intellect and finally your soul is caressed by her beautiful thoughts”.

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