Singers’ Lounge

Singers’ Lounge

1 - 4 July & 6 - 10 July  |  Long Gallery  |  7:30pm  |  $15

Singers’ Lounge

This year we are opening up our festival lounge to patrons, performers and participants.  For 15 years we have transformed Salamanca Arts Centre’s Long Gallery to become the heart and soul of the festival, where friends – old and new – enjoy scheduled and impromptu performances. It’s inclusive, informal and free of judgement – a welcoming space to sing or sit back in our laid back lounge.

Hosted by a variety of special guest MC’s, our licensed bar will be serving Frogmore Creek wines, Lawrenny Distillery spirits and Cascade beers, with refreshments and snacks. Doors open at 7.30pm with limited tickets on the door, subject to availability.

Singers’ Lounge Guest MC’s

1 July Amanda Hodder

2 July John O’Hara,

3 July Paul Jarman,

4 July Aaron Powell,

6 July Paul Jarman,

7 July Jacqueline Larsen

8, 9 & 10 July Paul Jarman

Singers’ Lounge Moments…

We asked Singer’s Lounge MC Paul Jarman to recount a few of his favourite memories from the many nights he hosted…

I remember

the night Mama Alto turned up around midnight, sang some incredible songs, and a jam session ensued. Song after song, incredible music, and that time of night after midnight when only a handful of the keenest participants stay. We come close together, no microphones, together in song. A local regular to the festival was there as always. A lovely woman who sits up the front EVERY night. Also, Peter, the Director of the Festival had arrived quietly up the back. Mama Alto and I decided to sing “What a Wonderful World”, and I will never forget how good that was, how far we took music, how connected we were together in the song. Everyone there was completely blown away, and all said they had never witnessed anything like that in their lives. After recovering, of course we jammed on till the wee small hours.” 


The night when a much loved musical family from Tasmania got up in the chalk board session, mum, dad and their gorgeous three daughters. After a few songs, the audience swept away, they performed Bohemian Rhapsody and somewhere in the middle of it, they forgot how it went. After and awkward few seconds, the entire festival club spontaneously erupted in unison, filling in the missing part for them, in four part harmony of course, saving the moment and setting them on to finish in style.”


During a chalk board session, a lovely local lady, singer and songwriter who has since returned to the stage, got up, very shyly and announced that she was going through cancer. She sang a song about it that she wrote. Her voice, her presence and her beautiful song left the place in tears and completely spellbound.”

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Our Festival venues undergo full sanitation before each show. To maintain our venue hygiene and sanitation practices, please have a spritz of sanitiser on your way in and make use of hand soap in the bathrooms.


This venue will abide by density restrictions of 2 squared metres per person.


Alcohol will be served at this event. Under Public Health restrictions, you must be seated to consume alcohol in this venue.


Under current restrictions, dancing will not be permitted at this event.


To avoid transfer of germs, there will be no coat check facilities at this venue.


Please do not attend this event if you are experiencing flu symptoms (fever, cough, runny nose). Similarly, if you feel a cough or a sneeze coming on while in this venue, please use your elbow to cover it!

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