Musical Theatre Masterclass

Musical Theatre Masterclass

10 July | Hobart Town Hall  |  10am  |  Experience required  |  $55 / $70

Work with Jane Edwards, acclaimed Australian Soprano and Musical Theatre Specialist.

This masterclass is tailored specifically for individuals, duos or trios who wish to work with one of Australia’s most acclaimed teachers and sopranos, Jane Edwards.

While Jane is most widely recognised for her classical soprano abilities, Jane is also a highly regarded and experienced Musical Theatre Specialist. In this advanced workshop you will have the opportunity to work with Jane on one submitted work, but you are also encouraged to bring a contrasting song for possible inclusion.

Contemporary works are strongly encouraged but you may choose anything from within the Musical Theatre genre.

Spaces are strictly limited so please register your interest and repertoire details early, and ensure you memorise your chosen works in advance. This workshop also requires you to bring sheet music copies for Jane and her Accompanist. We also strongly encourage you to remain for the entire duration.

NOTE to participants:

Each participant will be given a minimum of ten minutes to perform on stage. So, the length of this masterclass depends on the total number attending.

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