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Youth Choirs – 2023 Registration

Youth Choir Package

30 June - 9 July 2023  |  $150 per singer *

Information & Registration for Youth Choirs

Are you planning to bring your youth choir to Tasmania in 2023? Registrations for the 2023 Youth Choir Package are now open.

This non-competitive, joy-filled experience offers youth choirs from across the country the opportunity to participate in Australia’s pre-eminent choral festival. Choirs get to sing in a welcoming, inclusive environment to appreciative audiences, meet and sing with like-minded young people and attend special festival events. The opportunity to explore Hobart and Tasmania is also encouraged! 

My ensemble loved the opportunity to meet and talk with the other choirs we performed with, and this personal connection enriched our musical experiences immensely.

Joshua Cliffordconductor, Centenary State High School Choir (QLD)

General Information

Our 2023 Youth Choir Package offers choir members the unique opportunity to sing at some of Tasmania’s most renowned locations. From art galleries to historic sites, this package is the ultimate way to ‘discover Tasmania’ whilst singing for audiences of all sizes!   


Collaborations and Celebrations  

The Youth Choir program includes plenty of opportunities for young singers to workshop and perform with youth choirs from around the country in formal and informal settings, alongside collaborative workshops and a special celebration supper on Sunday 2 July, included in their package fee. 


Big Sing Bonfire  

Youth Choir members will have a significant role in our annual Big Sing Bonfire on Saturday 1st  July. Choristers will join with other singers and a leading Australian choral conductor to prepare and perform in one of the festival’s signature events. 


Australian Youth Choir Showcase  

Join in our celebration of youth choirs!  Open to the public at a major concert venue on Thursday 4th July, your singers will have the opportunity to sing for and with a range of outstanding Australian youth choirs and join forces for a massed finale item. 


Learn from the Best!  

Festival of Voices are delighted to announce that our combined youth choir workshop in 2023 will be led by Dr Heather Buchanan. Dr Buchanan is a professor at Montclair State University where she is the Director of Choral Activities. No preparation is required for this exciting workshop – just turn up, sing and learn! 


Choirs in the Community Pop-Up Program   

Surprise and delight audiences around Hobart and in unique locations across the city. Choirs are invited to perform to guests and passers-by in a creatively curated program. 

Key Dates

Friday 24 February 2023 – Youth Choir Package registrations close 

Saturday 1 July – Big Sing Bonfire 

Sunday 2 July – Combined Youth Choir Workshop | Celebration Supper 

Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 July – Young Tasmania Sings 

Thursday 6 July – Australian Youth Choir Showcase  

Ready to register?

Our Youth Choirs Coordinator, Kerry Bennett, will be available to assist you with any enquiries and take your registration. Contact 

Participation in the Youth Choir program is $150 per chorister, with no charge for conductors, accompanists and supervisors. 

Your choir will be invoiced once your touring choir numbers are finalised in 2023. 

Registrations close on Friday 24 February 2023. 


Terms and Conditions

Travel and Accommodation

The festival is in a position to facilitate choirs in recommending the services of its accommodation and transport partners.  

Participating choirs and individuals are responsible for all matters related to the organisation, booking, and payment of all accommodation and meals during their stay in Hobart, apart from the Youth Choir Celebration Supper. A comprehensive list of specially negotiated accommodation and travel options in varied price ranges (including Hotels, Guest Houses and Hostels) will be provided to all choirs and individuals.  

The festival is not responsible for any booking issues that may arise.  


Plan your trip

We are happy to recommend the following accomodation venues.  Please reference Festival of Voices when booking. 

Events and experiences are subject to change based on current health regulations.